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Under the Covid-19 pneumonia epidemic, the 2021 International Taxation Academy opened firstly through online mode

Under the Covid-19 pneumonia epidemic, the Training Institute of the Ministry of Finance (MOFTI) held the 37th International Taxation Academy 2021 for the first time through online mode.

Due to the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic has not slowed down; it still was not possible to invite foreign scholars, experts, and tax officials to Taiwan this year (2021). However, MOFTI overcame the difficulties to hold the seminar for MOF colleagues by inviting domestic scholars and experts who lectured in English in order to promote attention to international taxation trends and information and to strengthen colleagues' understanding of important international taxation issues.

In view of various epidemic prevention considerations- avoiding long-distance movement of trainees, safe distance among seats, and meals and accommodation arrangements, etc., For the first time, The MOFTI uses online conference software and synchronized video. It hopes to innovate and break through the teaching methods and overcome the difficulties of time and space. If the global epidemic situation is still not alleviated next year, the Financial Training Institute can invite foreign scholars and experts to teach through video methods. Prepare in advance.

26-27In this Academy, Chung Chi, an Assistant Professor from the Department of Finance, National Chengchi University, as well as Paulson Tseng and Cynthia Peng, a partner accountant and the Director from PricewaterhouseCoopers (Taiwan), respectively, gave lectures in “The Contexts and Reforms of Tax Treaties” and “Tax Challenges of the Digital Economy.” During the 2nd week, Jay Chuang, a chief Technology officer from CoolBitX Co., and Sophia Chou, a Finance Manager from MaiCoin Co., were also invited to discuss in class.

(Chang Wan-Ju, 86632399#205)