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Notice for Participants

Location & Transportation

  • No.3, Lane 142, Sec. 6, Roosevelt Rd., Wunshan Dist., Taipei City 11673, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • MRT(Mass Rapid Transit)
  • Songshan-Xindian Line Jingmei Station Exit 3(Green Line G05 Station Exit 3)
  • BusFinancial Park Stop
    Available Bus Number: 251、252、253、278、505、643、644、648、660、671、 849、Brown 6、Green 13


About Meal 

From Monday to Sunday, the MOFTI will provide 3 meals for overseas participants every day.

Meal     Served Time
Breakfast: 07:30-08:30


Regulation of Taking Leaves

  • If the student asks for leave for a reason, he/she must fill out the leave form together with the supporting documents to be approved by MOFTI.
  • If the number of leave hours exceeds 1/5 of the total period, he/she should be withdrawn from the training.
  • According to Dropping Out the Training Regulation, one would be demanded compensate of training resource and purchased books cost. Dropping Out the Training Application.



  • Due to limited parking, MOFTI only provides trainees who will participate in our training for more than 2 days and no accommodation.
  • Trainees should offer the car number while registering for training online. MOFTI will respond to the application results by email.
  • If you do not submit the above application in advance, you will spend a lot of time applying for parking when entering MOFTI.
  • Here is convenient to approach, please use public transportation as much as possible.


Personal Belonging Need to Bring

  • Passport and Visa are necessary. If you need to register a cellphone number here, please bring your ID card or Driving License with your photo additionally.
  • Bring your personal medicine, toothbrush, paste, clothes, slippers and other personal belongings.
  • There are table tennis, billiards, badminton court and gymnasium for leisure time.
  • You can bring your notebook or pad and use free Wi-Fi here. Also You can use computer in the library or IT room.


 Daily Supplies

  • Bath gel, shampoo, clothes hangers, toilet paper, hair dryer, quilt or blanket, sheet, pillow, washbasin, table lamp, air conditioner and fan are provided in your room.
  • Laundry machines and water dispensers are available at every floor. Irons are located near water dispensers.
  • You can borrow badminton rackets at the Guidance Division.


Training Building Facilities

  1. 1F:101;International Conference Hall.
  2. 3F:Library;302 Lecture Room;305 Meeting Room;306 Multiple Function Classroom.
  3. 4F:401/402/403/410 Class Room;405 IT Room;405 IT Room;407/408/409 Lecture Room.
  4. B1:Badminton Court, Table Tennis.


 Dormitory Building Facilities

  1. 1F:Dining Hall.
  2. 2F:Dining Hall/Lounge;Gymnasium;Karaoke;Breastfeeding Room.
  3. 3F-11F:Dormitory Room.
  4. B1:Parking Lots.


Soft Reminder

  1. No smoking, no cooking at MOFTI.
  2. The main gate is closed at 11 P.M.
  3. Please turn off A/C and lights before you leave your room.
  4. If the training program is suspended due to typhoon or other reasons, please kindly stay at MOFTI. Your safety is our priority.