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History of the MOFTI

The Training Institute, Ministry of Finance (MOFTI) was formally established on October 16, 1969 to serve as a platform for promoting the service quality, administrative efficiency, and policy planning abilities of the various agencies under the Ministry of Finance. Up to 1983, the MOFTI was run under a temporary executive ordinance. The MOFTI formally obtained its legal mandate in December, 1983 when the Statute Governing the Organization of the Training Institute, Ministry of Finance passed the legislative process and was promulgated by the President. Over the years, it has striven to cultivate many financial elites and to demonstrate the results of training.


Recalling its early years, the original site of the MOFTI was on Guangfu South Road. Then, following the expansion of training needs, the MOFTI borrowed the former site of the American School in Taipei, and also established a southern district training center. In 2001, the Institute relocated to its current location and shared the same training facilities with the Employee Training Institute of the Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau. After the Monopoly Bureau moved out, the MOFTI took over all of the training facilities on the site in November 2002. Since then, it has finally come to own a complete training site, which has been gradually established to become a modernized & multi-functional campus, with areas for administration, instruction, conferences, and accommodation, and leisure.


In order to follow the restructuring mission set by the Executive Yuan, the Organic Act of the Ministry of Finance was modified and promulgated in 2013. According to the Act, the legal functions of the MOFTI have been expanded. In addition to performing the original training functions for taxation, customs, public asset, and public financial officials, the Institute will now also conduct training related to the promotion of private participation in infrastructure projects.


Set to complete the MOFTI's vision of “professional training par excellence, cultivation of public finance personnel”, the Institute strives to play a role as an important auxiliary in building an effective and efficient platform to develop professional training competency, and thus further to support the establishment and execution of national fiscal policy, and to foster competent financial manpower.