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MOFTI overcame the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic, held the 2022 International Taxation Academy remotely

      The Training Institute, Ministry of Finance (MOFTI) overcame the difficulties from the fluctuating COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic, and launched the 2022 International Taxation Academy remotely. Prof. Edward Weite Hsieh from Department of Economics and Statistics, California State University, Los Angeles, was invited to give presentations at the event. 

      The outbreak and continuation of the epidemic have different degrees of impact on public finances, employment, industrial supply chains, and prices so almost all economic and public policy discussions over the past three years have revolved around the response to the pandemic. This training course especially explores the new issues and policies response the economy, public finance and taxation.

      The 2-day course from August 4 to 5 mainly includes “Assessments of Trump’s economic and fiscal policies before Biden,”“Leading thoughts on fundamental tax reform,” “Economic and fiscal measures during the global pandemic: a preliminary assessment,” “Recent inflationary pressure in the U.S. and its repercussions,” “The new global minimum tax proposal and its prospects,” etc. These courses will definitely bring a rich harvest to the 35 related business contractors from the Department of Planning, the Department of International Fiscal Affairs, the Taxation Administration, and the national taxation bureaus.

Contact: Wan-Ju, Chang
TEL: 02-86632399#205