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2019 International Taxation Workshop on Taxation of New Economy to debut (2019.01.23)

 In order to improve international exchanges, cultivate taxation personnel, and assist our tax officers in having a better understanding of international taxation trends in new economy, the Training Institute, Ministry of Finance (MOFTI) is going to hold “2019 International Taxation Workshop” on 23 January.


This year, the MOFTI has invited Dr. Hans van den Hurk, a professor in the School of Law at the University of Maastricht, to come again and give lectures on the topics including: 1.Tax issues and cases of the new economy; 2. Adjustment and functions of Articles 5 of United Nations model tax convention in response to the new economy; 3.qualisation levies in EU, UK and India.


Prof. van den Hurk will provide some cases of international company on-line transactions in this workshop to allow participants from the Department of Planning, the Department of International Fiscal Affairs, theNational Taxation Bureaus. Through development of taxation in the new economy so as to benefit to  taxation policies to keep pace with world trends and upgrade our national competitiveness.


(Jenny Yang 886-2-86632399 ext. 220)